Manifold fitting replacement service

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Fitting replacement service for your Airlift 3P, 3H & V2 manifold this is a flat rate fee service regardless of the quantity of fitting that needs replacement, you will also need to purchase the amount of fittings that needs replacement, we will contact you once we receive and pressure check the manifold for the total amount of fittings needed. Simply ship your manifold to us with a copy of the receipt and we will replace the failing fittings, pressure test them to ensure proper repair and ship it back to you.


*The shipping option at checkout applies only to the return shipment, you will need to ship the manifold to us and cover all cost associated.

*Up to 15 days turnaround time depending on workload, please contact us if you need a more specific turnaround timeframe.

*We will not open or test your manifold, do not purchase this item if you need any repairs made besides a leaking fitting. we will only replace the failing fittings and pressure test them to ensure proper installation. Luft-technik, LLC assumes no responsibility for a failing, non-working or defective manifold due to impact at shipping, after we perform this service or for any other reason and will not warranty any part thereof. Small scuff and scratches at the surrounding areas of the fitting are normal with this type of replacement service and should be expected.