Non-Mqb Coolant hose relocation kit for is20/is38 turbo swap

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Product Description:

This kit will allow you to relocate the lower coolant hose to clear the charge pipe on ISxx swaps for non-Mqb platform cars. Simply replace the angled hose end at the thermostat outlet with the straight end provided in the kit, trim the existing hose to fit the 90degree Stainless steel pipe and you are done. Kit comes with a p-clamp and stainless hardware in case you want to attach the Stainless pipe onto the fan shroud (not required).

Kit Includes:

  • Straight coupler
  • Stainless Steel pipe
  • Stainless Steel worm clamps x2
  • Stainless Steel P-clamp
  • Stainless Steel hardware for P-clamp